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Become a VIP member of

Get comprehensive independent technical analysis services from with around 60 analyzes a month of stocks in the Nordics and stocks in the USA, as well as analyzes of currency, cryptocurrency and commodities.

In addition, you get access to three model portfolios (for stocks in the Nordics, stocks in the USA and for Cryptocurrency, respectively).

You also get access to The SignalList and to The TradingList.
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Now you get a solid discount of 33% when buying a 1 year VIP membership at (The regular price for 1 year VIP membership is USD 899.00).
Payment can also be made to: B.I. Pettersen (Norwegian organization number: 933 326 195)
by/Bjorn Inge Pettersen

Price to be paid in NOK after a 33% discount:  NOK 6290.00

Account number: 6031.17.71062

,and if paying from a country outside Norway, use:

IBAN: NO4760311771062

NB! Remember to mark the payment with your email address, so that you receive a receipt and login information etc.
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