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Dear all VIP members and followers of StockCharts365

It is a pleasure to be able to offer VIP members of StockCharts365 a significant discount of 30 percent when purchasing the analysis program Vikingen Trading for the first purchase.


You then save between USD 170.00 and USD 200.00, depending on whether you choose annual or monthly payment. When purchasing in year 2 etc., and as a VIP member of StockCharts365, you get a good 20 percent discount on the Vikingen.


To get a discount on the analysis program Vikingen, and as a VIP member of StockCharts365, you send an email to: post [at] , and if you have a current VIP membership, you will receive a discount code that you enter when ordering Vikingen Trading at Vikingen Financial Software .


The Owner and Manager of StockCharts365, Bjørn Inge Pettersen, has himself used the analysis program Vikingen almost ever since the program was first launched back in 1986.


Bjørn Inge Pettersen has used the analysis program Vikingen for 36 years now, and has been very well satisfied all these years with the choice of the Vikingen for use for technical analysis, both in positions as a stockbroker, as a technical analyst, as a fund manager and as a private investor in all these years.


The Vikingen analysis program can be highly recommended to anyone interested in technical analysis!


Advantages of Vikingen Financial Software


  • Larger range of securities and objects, approx. 250,000 in total

  • Autopilots that pick out the best stocks or other securities

  • Unique accurate models

  • Longer history than other existing stock trading programs, since 1986

  • Clear, detailed diagrams Simpler interface, fewer icons

  • Unlimited number of windows inside the program

  • Flexible pricing Educational videos - free Support every day

  • Basic data for all Nordic companies Pension funds in all packages

  • Independent of funds, banks and other financial institutions

  • Vikingen is available in Swedish, English, Danish and Norwegian


Read more about all the options and benefits with the Vikingen here:

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