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Today, Tuesday 09 July 2024, has taken a closer look at an exciting company on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and which has gone a bit under the radar for many investors: Nekkar ASA (NKR)

[09 July 2024]

Today, Tuesday 09 July 2024, has taken a closer look at an exciting company on the Oslo Stock Exchange, which has gone a little under the radar of many: Nekkar ASA (NKR), formerly TTS Group ASA.

As considers it, this share may now have significant potential in the short and medium term. is not alone in seeing great potential for this share, and the Swedish research firm also sees great potential for the Nekkar share.

Read more about this below in the case here.


First, a little about the company Nekkar ASA (ticker på Oslo Børs: NKR)

Nekkar ASA (formerly TTS Group ASA) is a shipping and offshore company.

The company supplies various access systems and services to the aforementioned sectors. Among the company's solutions we find systems for container handling, cranes, as well as docking and maintenance of vessels.

The company operates on a global level, with the largest presence in Europe, the USA and Asia. In addition to developing system solutions, equipment and related after-service are offered. The company was established in 1974.

For more information about the company, visit their website here:


Latest news about the company Nekkar ASA (NKR):

Nekkar: Acquires Globetech - Redeye

4 juli 07:29 ∙ Finwire CRF

Redeye is encouraged by Nekkar's acquisition of Globetech which was announced this morning. We argue that Globetech fits well into the Nekkar Group with a strong financial track record while adding a new stream of recurring revenues balancing Syncrolift's project-driven business.

Here you can also read the recent (01 July 2024) analysis of Nekkar from

The Swedish research firm has for information a 'Base target' for the Nekkar share at NOK 17.00 and a 'Bull target' for the share at NOK 23.00.


Nekkar ASA to acquire maritime connectivity and digital service provider Globetech

3 juli 07:22 ∙ Oslo Børs

3nd July 2024 - Nekkar ASA has entered into an agreement to acquire the majority

of the fast-growing and profitable maritime connectivity and digital service

provider Globetech AS.


  • Acquires company with 10+ years track record of profitable growth

  • 20% EBITDA margin with 50% share of repeat revenues

  • Good fit for Nekkar's strategy of digitizing ocean-based industries

  • Commercial synergies between Globetech and other Nekkar subsidiaries

  • Diversifies Nekkar's portfolio and revenue streams

"Globetech fits perfectly within Nekkar. Both companies operate in the maritime and offshore industries, both use digitalization and software as key enablers to achieve a higher proportion of recurring revenue, both deliver solid EBITDA margins, and there are strong synergies between Nekkar's portfolio companies and Globetech. In sum, Globetech will constitute a new solid platform for us, and we are delighted to welcome them into the Nekkar family," says Ole Falk Hansen, CEO of Nekkar ASA.

Read the full stock exchange announcement here from 03 July 2024:


Technical Analysis of Nekkar ASA (ticker på Oslo Børs: NKR)

Charts are from the technical analysis program Vikingen.

Technical Analysis of Nekkar ASA (ticker på Oslo Børs: NKR):

Nekkar ASA (NKR) is a company and a share that has received undeservedly little attention on Oslo Børs.

This is a very exciting and interesting company, and now the technical picture for the stock indicates that it may have a very large potential.

The share has recently triggered a strong technical buy signal after breaking through an important technical resistance level around NOK 11.00 (cf. chart).

The share has had a 'classic' correction down and tested the support level here now at the NOK 11.00 level and the support level is solid.

There is also a short way down to significant technical support for the stock around the 50-day and 200-day moving averages.'s own analysis model 'The SignalList' is also in a buy signal for Nekkar (NKR).

The overall technical picture for Nekkar indicates a short-term potential for the share at around NOK 14.00 - 15.00 (1-3 week term).

In the longer term (1-2 year term), the long-term rising trend that is now being established for the share indicates a potential up to around NOK 50.00 - 60.00.

The share was at its highest around NOK 120.00 back in 2007 (cf. monthly chart).

The Nekkar share therefore appears to be a very interesting investment at the current price level, and with a stop-loss at, for example, NOK 9.00 and a potential for around NOK 40.00 - 60.00 in 1-2 years' time, and with the current share price around NOK 11.40.

Yes, there is undoubtedly a very nice Risk-Reward Ratio for the Nekkar share here at today's price level.

Both the fundamentals and the technical aspects of the share indicate that the share may have significant potential both in the short and long term.


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