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Today, has taken a closer look at its by far the biggest favorite stock in the Nordics at the moment. believes that this share can be multiplied in 1-2 years.

[17 June 2024]

Today, has taken a closer look at its by far the biggest favorite stock in the Nordics at the moment. believes this stock is severely underpriced. The Swedish major bank SEB also thinks so. Read more about it further down in the case here. included Hilbert in its Nordic model portfolio as early as 05 December 2023, and then significantly increased the weighting in the share at a price of SEK 4.03 on 13 March 2024. Hilbert now has a significant weighting of as much as 60 percent in's Nordic model portfolio .

The idea is to keep the high weighting in the share for at least 3-6 months and then hopefully realize some significant gains and perhaps reduce the weighting somewhat eventually to around 40 percent and then sit long-term on a significant weighting in Hilbert Group.

Hilbert Group AB is the share in the Nordics today that has the most faith in both in the short and long term, and hence this significant weighting in the share in the Nordic model portfolio.


Here a little about the Hilbert Group (HILB B)

Hilbert is a tech-enabled investment company operated by experienced professionals.

Hilbert Group is an investment company which specializes in quantitative, algorithmic trading strategies in digital asset markets. Hilbert's primary activity is the asset management of its algorithmic, quantitative trading funds.

Hilbert has a team of experienced quants with significant trading, algo-programming and risk experience, who are supported by an experienced team of professionals with both institutional tradfi but also fintech backgrounds.

Hilbert's trading algorithms take advantage of observable statistical characteristics of crypto-currency markets, such as volatility and decorrelation. Hilbert's Cayman fund investment mandates are defined by crypto delta, volatility and drawdown profiles, from market neutral to directional.

Hilbert was established in 2018 by Dr. Niclas Sandström and Dr. Magnus Holm to manage the algorithmic trading strategy, focused on digital assets, which they had programmed and initiated with partners' capital in April 2017.

Hilbert Group is listed on the Nasdaq First North in Sweden. The Hilbert Group listing imposes regulatory oversight and transparency discipline. It also provides access to capital to enable ongoing investment in the Hilbert team and operating platform.

Read more about the company on their websites:


It is not only that is very positive about Hilbert Group AB (HILB B), and here is an extract from an investor letter from SEB to customers on 10 April and in connection with Hilbert Group holding an investor conference on 17 April:

"Hilbert: A highly scalable and asset light business model. Which means that you can generate significant shareholder value once you reach critical scale. AUM growth has been slow. But, they are selected by global top-three cryptocurrency bank for first ever investment in a crypto hedge fund. Not least having captured the front page of one of the most influential publications for asset allocators (Hedge Fund Alert). Hilbert have built brick by brick since 2017 and is recognized for their extreme focus on risk management (Head if risk former head of risk in Europe for Citadel), transparency, systems and not least strong performance.

Hilbert aim towards 300m USD in AUM by end of 2024. Hilbert have a monumental pipeline and targets 1bn USD in AUM by 2025. Simple math on a 2/20 model assuming 20% ​​performance depicts the earnings impact from 6m to 60m USD in annual net profit. If you add 10x PE gives you 5-20x return on the stock as we are only at a USD 20m market cap.

Performance 2023:

Hilbert V100 Fund: +92.7%.

• Hilbert V30 Fund: +29.9%

• Hilbert V1 Fund: +8.7% 60% ownership. They have 2m monthly users. This business is self-funded and cash flow positive. They have some grand plans for this business. They have said they will return to market at a later stage with more information as they are overhauling the offering. So let's see."


Now on Friday 14 June 2024 there was positive news from the Swedish Hilbert Group AB (HILB B), and in connection with, where the Hilbert Group is the majority shareholder with a 60 per cent stake.

Here is an extract from the stock exchange announcement of Hilbert Group on Friday 14 June 2024:

"Hilbert Group Subsidiary COIN360.COM Announces Major Overhaul and Strategic Partnership with 4+ Ventures

In comparison, many similar data/analytics sites achieved $100m+ valuations during the last bear market, despite having significantly less traffic than, the 60% majority-owned subsidiary of Hilbert Group AB (NASDAQ: HILB B), is set to undergo a transformative renewal, improving both functionality and architecture. The project, scheduled for completion in October 2024, will be spearheaded by Stockholm-based firm 4+Ventures The expert team at 4+Ventures has an amazing track record in digital asset product development, with notable successes in building several successful ventures and projects in digital assets and web3.

Hilbert Group CEO Niclas Sandström shares: "'s metrics are exceptional. In the first quarter of 2024 alone, we received 28 million page views over 7.7 million individual sessions, and we have welcomed 15,000 new verified users over the last two months. In comparison, many similar data/analytics sites achieved values ​​of $100 million+, despite having significantly less traffic than"

Read the full stock exchange announcement from Hilbert Group on Friday 14 June 2024 here:


When Hilbert Group AB (HILB B) is the majority shareholder in with a 60% stake, and considering that corresponding data/analysis sites have been priced at USD 100 million+, this equates to a potential value for Hilbert Group AB (HILB B) its 60% stake in of around USD 60 million.

The market cap of the entire Hilbert Group AB at a share price of SEK 5.20 is today around SEK 318 million, or approximately USD 30 million. has information from reliable sources that the Hilbert Group has had several bids for, which are significant without quantifying. They believe there is development potential before any sale. Most likely (think StockCharts365) they can perhaps get several times the current market cap of Hilbert Group by a possible sale of alone. therefore believes that the value of Hilbert Group's 60% stake in alone can far exceed the current market cap of the entire Hilbert Group AB (HILB B).


Charts are from the technical analysis program Vikingen.

Technical Analysis of Hilbert Group AB Ser. B (Ticker on First North Sweden: HILB B):

The Hilbert share has triggered several positive technical signals recently.

The stock has broken above both the 50-day and 200-day moving averages, and the 50-day moving average is close to being able to break above the 200-day moving average (Golden Cross signal).

Furthermore, the share is about to break above an important technical resistance level around SEK 5.00, thereby triggering further positive technical signals.

Next technical resistance levels are now around SEK 6.00 and then around SEK 7.00 - 7.50.

MACD momentum indicator is also in buy signal for Hilbert Group.'s two own analysis models, The SignalList and The TradingList, are also both in buy signals for Hilbert Group.

The share moves within a large rectangular consolidation formation, and between a technical support level around SEK 3.60 and a resistance level around SEK 7.50. believes that the stock may break out of this large rectangle consolidation formation within a short period of time, in which case it will trigger a very strong technical buy signal for the stock.

Breaking up from such large consolidation formations is often followed by a very strong development for the underlying object, i.e. here the Hilbert Group (HILB B).

The potential for the share is assessed to be around SEK 15.00 - 20.00 in the 1-2 year term.

It may seem like a very optimistic price target for the share in the 1-2 year term, but then will point to the fundamental conditions mentioned above in the case here, and where the value of alone can perhaps be as much as twice the market value of the Hilbert Group today.

In the short term, a new test of the resistance level is signaled in this rectangle consolidation formation, around SEK 7.00 - 7.50.


NB! Remember to have read and understood the disclaimer.


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