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"There is hope in a hanging snore!"

[28 June 2024]

"There is hope in a hanging snore!"

Perhaps the most famous quote from Nils Arne Eggen after a press conference in the Champions League.

Today, Friday 28 June 2024, has taken a closer look at the very hard-tested share on the Oslo Stock Exchange: XXL ASA (ticker: XXL).


First a little about XXL ASA (ticker on Oslo Børs: XXL)

XXL’s vision is to be the preferred sports and outdoor destination in the Nordics. Since the inception in 2001, XXL has built a sports retailer with an annual turnover of approximately NOK 8 billion.

Today we have more than 85 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland. We are also the largest online sports retailer in the Nordics.

In total, we are more than 4.000 enthusiastic employees. We are passionate, knowledgeable and caring – and we always put the customer first. We want our customers to feel that XXL welcomes, supports and inspires them.

We provide our customers with a unique mix of great brands, great expertise, great assortment, great accessibility and great prices.

In XXL we make all kinds of sports and outdoor gear available to everyone. All in the same destination. We also believe that sports and outdoor activities play an important role to unite people. Regardless of age, gender, skin color, geography or financial position, everyone can participate and share the joy of sports and outdoor life.

This is why our purpose is “All sports united. Sports unite all”.

XXL is present in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Austria with its successful, large unit store concept and e-commerce platform as well as in Denmark with a pure e-commerce offering.

For more information about the company see their websites here:


Technical Analysis of XXL ASA (ticker on the Oslo Stock Exchange: XXL)

Charts are from the technical analysis program Vikingen.

The XXL share on Oslo Børs has been a hard-tested share in recent years, but now, however, there are some signs that may indicate that the share may face brighter times ahead.

The share has broken out of a long-term falling trend (cf. weekly chart), and there seems to be solid support for the share around NOK 0.65.

Today, the stock breaks above the 50-day moving average and with it gives positive technical signals.

The next technical resistance level will now be the 200-day moving average, which is at NOK 0.83.

If the share now also breaks above the 200-day moving average, it will signal further growth for the share in the short and medium term.

There will then probably be a new test of an important technical resistance level for the share around NOK 1.30.

Various momentum indicators such as RSI and MACD both signal further upswing for the stock in the short term, and thus a possible break through the 200-day moving average in the near future.'s own analysis models 'The SignalList' and 'The TradingList' are both in a buy signal now for the XXL share.

Based on this overall positive technical picture for XXL, assesses the XXL share as an exciting and interesting share at today's price level.

The potential for the share is assessed to be up to around NOK 1.30 in 1-3 months' time.

Should there be an established break above the NOK 1.30 level, the potential for the share could be significantly higher.

What could possibly trigger negative technical signals for the share would be if it were to break down below the now very important technical support level around NOK 0.65.


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