top of page has today, Friday 21 June 2024, taken a closer look at the Oslo Stock Exchange Benchmark Index (OSEBX).

[21 June 2024] has today, Friday 21 June 2024, taken a closer look at the Oslo Stock Exchange Benchmark Index (OSEBX).


Briefly about the Oslo Børs Benchmark Index (OSEBX)

The Oslo Børs Benchmark Index (OSEBX)is an investible index which include the most traded and largest shares listed on Oslo Børs. It is a semiannually revised free float adjusted index with changes implemented after the market close of the third Friday of March and September.

In the period between the review dates the number of shares for each security is fixed with exception of adjustments for corporate actions with priority for existing shareholders. The OSEBX index is adjusted for dividend payments. The index serves as an underlying for structured products, funds, exchange traded funds and futures.


Technical Analysis of the Oslo Stock Exchange Benchmark Index (OSEBX)

Charts are from the technical analysis program Vikingen. The Oslo Børs Benchmark Index (OSEBX) is in a positive trend in the long term, and further growth is signaled in the long term within this long-term rising trend.

In the short picture, OSEBX has fallen back somewhat, and has broken out of the short-term rising trend (cf. day chart).

OSEBX is now testing the support level around the 50-day moving average, and a technical support level around the 1380 level (cf. daily chart).

Various momentum indicators such as RSI, Stochastics and MACD do not give clear signals at the moment about the further direction of OSEBX in the short term.

Should there be a break below the 50-day moving average and below the support level at 1380 points, negative technical signals for OSEBX will be triggered in the short term.

The next important technical support level will then be around the 1320 level for OSEBX. Around this level, there will also be significant technical support for OSEBX around the 200-day moving average (cf. daily chart).'s own analysis model (intermediate term) The SignalList is in a buy signal for OSEBX, while the more short-term analysis model The TradingList has been in a sell signal for OSEBX now since 05 June 2024.

The overall technical picture for the Oslo Stock Exchange Benchmark Index (OSEBX) is positive in the medium and long term, while it is somewhat more unclear to negative in the very short term.


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