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[14 June 2024] StockCharts365 believes this stock is severely underpriced. The Swedish major bank SEB also thinks so. The share has the potential to multiply in the next couple of years.

[14 June 2024]

There has been positive news today from Swedish Hilbert Group AB (ticker on Stockholmsbörsen: HILB B), and in connection with, where Hilbert Group is the majority shareholder with a 60 per cent stake.

Hilbert Group AB (HILB B) is one of StockCharts365's biggest favorite shares, and StockCharts365 has a significant weighting in this share in the Nordic model portfolio.

Excerpt from today's news (read the whole thing below in the case here):

"For perspective, many similar data/analytics sites achieved $100m+ valuations during the recent bear market, despite having significantly less traffic than"

Read more about this in today's news from Hilbert Group AB (HILB B) in today's stock exchange announcement below here.


When Hilbert Group AB (HILB B) is the majority shareholder in with a 60% stake, and considering that corresponding data/analytics sites have been priced at USD 100 million+, this corresponds to a potential value for Hilbert Group AB ( HILB B)'s 60% stake in of around USD 60 million.

When the market value of Hilbert Group AB (HILB B) at today's share price of SEK 4.84 is approximately USD 30 million, it goes without saying that only the potential and realistic value of (especially after the extensive upgrade they now starts and should be in place during autumn 2024) is greater than the market value of the entire Hilbert Group AB today.

StockCharts365 has a significant weighting in its Nordic model portfolio in Hilbert Group AB (HILB B) and intends to continue to have a significant weighting in this stock in the long term.

Both the major Swedish bank SEB and StockCharts365 believe that the Hilbert share can multiply in just the next 1-2 years. A positive flow of news from the company is expected in the future.


Today, the following news came from Hilbert Group AB (HILB B): Hilbert Group Subsidiary COIN360.COM Announces Major Overhaul and Strategic Partnership with 4+Ventures Today at 09:00:

", the 60% majority owned subsidiary of Hilbert Group AB (NASDAQ: HILB B), is set to undergo a transformative revamp, enhancing both its functionality and architecture. The project, slated for completion by October 2024, will be spearheaded by Stockholm-based firm, 4+Ventures. The expert team at 4+Ventures boasts a stellar track record in digital asset product development, with notable successes building multiple successful ventures and projects in digital assets and web3.

Hilbert Group CEO Niclas Sandström shares: "'s metrics are exceptional. In Q1 2024 alone, we garnered 28 million page views across 7.7 million individual sessions, and we've welcomed 15,000 new verified users in just the last two months. For perspective , many similar data/analytics sites achieved $100m+ valuations, despite having significantly less traffic than

Their superior content is clear: we're adding a wealth of new functionality and relevant content, much of which we've already prototyped, all by October this year. From that point onwards, we anticipate, subscription revenue to be, by far, the main revenue stream of" Sandström continues, "We are confident that 4+Ventures has one of the most talented and experienced teams globally for this type of product development. We're excited to partner with them to elevate to new heights." Ebba Theding, CEO & Co-Founder of 4+Ventures adds, " has enormous potential with its strong community and high traffic. Investing in and building on this solid foundation, we are thrilled to lead this significant product upgrade."


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