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StockCharts365 is a non-editorial financial website, but a personal blog delivered by Bjørn Inge Pettersen from Norway, about technical stock analysis.


This is a personal blog about technical stock analysis delivered by Bjørn Inge Pettersen from Norway, who has 36 years of experience with technical stock analysis.


Bjørn Inge Pettersen has worked as a Stockbroker, Technical Stock Analyst, Fund Manager and for many years ran his own company and provided services within technical stock analyses.

The content on StockCharts365 should not be seen as financial advice, but only as trading ideas.


Trading in stocks, currency, cryptocurrency and commodities, and all forms of trading are very risky and in the worst case you can lose more than you have invested.


Everyone must make their own judgments and not trade only based on information on StockCharts365.

StockCharts365 does not provide personal investment advice and never makes personal recommendations. StockCharts365 is not licensed to provide personal investment advice.

The content of these pages may not be redistributed, otherwise published, copied, changed, modified, sold, licensed or sub-licensed in any way.

All analyzes at StockCharts365 are based on technical analysis, and based on information that is believed to be correct. StockCharts365 cannot guarantee the completeness or correctness of the analyses, nor shall it be liable to users for any errors or omissions in the analyses.

StockCharts365 points out that any form of investment in stocks or other securities instruments is associated with high risk and danger of loss.


Any exposure is done entirely at the investor's expense and risk. StockCharts365 is not responsible for any loss, either direct or indirect, that occurs as a result of using StockCharts365 analyses.

Any own positions in securities mentioned in analyzes will always be disclosed.

The undersigned hopes you will find the technical analyzes and considerations around the stock market and stocks, stock market indices, commodities, currency and cryptocurrency, and based on technical analysis, interesting and remember that this is in no way personal investment advice.

Best regards,

Bjørn Inge Pettersen


Owner and Manager of

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