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Welcome investors to!

Here at you will find comprehensive and independent technical analysis services, 365 days a year.


Here at, daily technical analyzes of stocks in the Nordics, stocks in the USA and technical analyzes of stock market indices, currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies are provided.

Around 60 analyzes are delivered each month here at for VIP members of

In addition, three model portfolios are provided for VIP members of, a model portfolio for stocks in the Nordics, a model portfolio for stocks in the USA and also a model portfolio for Cryptocurrencies.

VIP members of also get access to both 'The SignalList' and 'The TradingList'.

Become a winner in the stock market with!

Bjørn Inge Pettersen

Owner and Manager of StockCharts365

Here you will find some free examples of analyzes at StockCharts365

As a VIP member at StockCharts365, you have full access to around 60 analyzes every month here at You also get access to 'The SignalList' and 'The TradingList' (read more about these here...) as well as three model portfolios, one for shares in the Nordics, one for shares in the USA, and one for Cryptocurrencies.


Now until 31 July 2024, you get a solid discount of 40%, and now a price of only USD 539.40 (or NOK 5,793.00), when you buy 12 months of VIP membership at You can order your VIP membership here..

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